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Goshen County 2-Shot Goose Hunt

By |July 14, 2023|

The 2Shot Goose Hunt is an annual hunting event that began in 1987 in Goshen County as an Economic Development Project. It has grown into a county-wide event with approximately forty teams participating each year. The event includes a shooting competition, an art show, a quick draw competition, and an auction, with proceeds going towards habitat and educational projects in Goshen County and Wyoming.

Sew Addicting

By |July 14, 2023|

Sew Addicting is a vibrant quilt store that beckons quilting enthusiasts with its extensive selection of fabrics, patterns, and supplies. The store is a haven for creative souls, offering diverse quilting materials and tools to bring their artistic visions to life. With knowledgeable and friendly staff, "Sew Addicting" provides a welcoming environment where customers can find inspiration, guidance, and everything they need to embark on their quilting projects.

Goshen County Senior Friendship Center

By |July 14, 2023|

Goshen County Senior Friendship Center is a welcoming hub where seniors can socialize, engage in activities, and access supportive services that enhance their well-being and quality of life.

Java Jar / JSJJ

By |July 14, 2023|

The Java Jar is a locally owned espresso bar serving take out or dine in coffee, tea, breakfast, and lunch!

The Corner Bar

By |July 14, 2023|

The Corner Bar, nestled in the heart of Lingle, Wyoming, is a vibrant establishment that seamlessly blends the best of a bar, a drive-through liquor store, and a delightful American food destination.


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