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Fort Laramie National Historic Site is excited to announce the 175th Anniversary of the purchase of Fort John (American Fur Company) by the United States Government on June 26, 2024 (June 26, 1849-June 26, 2024). Join us at the Fort on June 26th for a day of presentations and living history highlighting the establishment of Fort Laramie as a military installation. Key programs will focus on the personalities who participated in the transition including Bruce Husband (American Fur Company), First Lieutenant Daniel P. Woodbury, (Corps of Engineers), Major Winslow F. Anderson (Mounted Rifles), and lastly, Company G, 6th United States Infantry.

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Starting on May 10th on social media, we will be tracking the six-week movement of Major Anderson and Company E of the Mounted Riflemen from Fort Leavenworth 639 miles to the banks of the Laramie River through weekly correspondence! On June 1st, we’ll track the movement of Company A, Mounted Rifles along with Company G of the 6th United States Infantry inbound along the Oregon Route from Fort Leavenworth!
Stay tuned as the days and weeks progress! We’ll be posting additional information on social media creating the historical context for the purchase of Fort John in June 1849 and the inbound transition of the United States Army!
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