Goshen Bucks work just like cash or as a gift certificate. Redeem yours at participating Goshen County businesses!

two women purchasing a flower arrangement in a store

Goshen Bucks are more than a gift certificate; they’re an experience!

It’s a day on the town. It’s shopping with friends. It’s dinner and drinks. And it’s a way to keep our local economy vibrant and strong.

Goshen Bucks are available in increments of $5, $10, and $20. They can be obtained by calling the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce at (307) 532-5162, or visiting our office at 110 W 22nd Ave. (If ordering over the phone, be sure to have the dollar amount needed for each certificate.)

Once you have your Goshen Bucks, using them is as easy as cash! Simply hand your Goshen Bucks over to any accepting business, and they will apply it toward your purchase. 

Goshen Bucks also make great gifts for any special occasion, including birthdays, graduation, Administrative Professionals’ Day, and Christmas.

Goshen County Businesses Accepting Goshen Bucks

Stop by any of the businesses listed here to spend your Goshen Bucks! (Business owners: If you’re interested in accepting Goshen Bucks, please reach out to Moriah at (307) 532-5162.) 

What are Goshen Bucks?

Goshen Bucks work just like cash or as a gift certificate. Goshen Bucks are redeemable at accepting Goshen County businesses as a great way to encourage shopping locally!

Why use choose Goshen Bucks?

Why buy a generic gift card when you can buy Goshen Bucks and support local businesses? Here at Goshen County Economic Development and Chamber, we want to encourage people to shop locally, and we want to promote the exponential businesses that support our efforts. By supporting the Main Street Bucks program, you can spend exactly what you want and keep your investment local! You can feel good about supporting your community while giving the people you care about exactly what they’re looking for. 

Who is eligible to accept Goshen Bucks?

All Goshen County businesses are eligible to accept Goshen Bucks.

How do I accept Goshen Bucks?

A Goshen Bucks gift certificate should be treated like cash. When a Goshen Bucks are presented as payment, and the purchase is less than the total amount, give your customer the appropriate change back, and you will be reimbursed the face value of the Goshen Bucks by the Chamber.  You can exchange your Goshen Bucks at the Chamber (110 W 22nd Ave) for cash.

  • Goshen Bucks will be the same size as a dollar bill for easy till storage
  • Goshen Bucks will have an adhesive hologram covering so no duplication can take place

How do I order Goshen Bucks?

Goshen Bucks can be obtained by calling the Chamber of Commerce at 307-532-5162 or visiting our office at 110 W 22nd Ave. Be sure to have the dollar amount needed for each certificate. The Chamber staff will provide you with the Goshen Bucks.

What are the benefits of participating in Goshen Bucks?

  • Create Your Own Economic Stimulus Plan: Use Goshen Bucks to encourage spending in your business! Reward customer loyalty with a Goshen Bucks gift certificate. Not only will it encourage continued patronage of your business, but it will help support the other businesses and our local economy.
  • Recognition as a Supporter of the Community: Local business owners recognize those who support the community. By giving Goshen Bucks and encouraging local shopping, you will receive attention from other businesses to advocate for the hometown. A business with a good reputation keeps its customers and invites new ones.
  • Listing as a Goshen Bucks Accepted Business: Businesses are exclusively recommended as Goshen Bucks businesses. This listing helps direct the Goshen Bucks gift certificate recipient to your business and keeps the money in Goshen County.

What are some unique ways I can use Goshen Bucks as a business?

  • As Staff Rewards or Incentives: Use Goshen Bucks as a wellness incentive for your employees or special recognition of a job well done. Using Goshen Bucks in this way helps support your business and your fellow business owners.
  • Use for a Raffle Prize: Give Goshen Bucks as a prize. Hold a raffle for customers and give Goshen Bucks to the winner!