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In Person @ Holiday Inn Cody – $120

Virtual/online – $50

Watch Party @ SAREC, Lingle – $25

Farming Above 7pH: Alkaline Soil & Fertility Seminar

Are you struggling with soil pH levels above 7? You must be in Wyoming! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Join us for this exciting 2 day seminar on how to manage alkaline soil and fertility! We have a great lineup of speakers that are going to lead us into the secrets of farming successfully in alkaline soil conditions.

This seminar is going to cover:

  • An overveiw of alkaline and calcareous soils
  • Effects of cations on soil structure
  • Soil sampling and soil testing
  • Drain tiles
  • Micronutrients and how fertilizers interact with alkaline soils
  • and more

Our knowledgeable experts will share practical tips and techniques to enhance fertility and maximize yields. Learn how to adapt your farming practices to overcome challenges posed by high pH levels. We’ll explore everything you need to know to thrive in alkaline soil.

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