Photo includes: GED Board President Scott Prusia addressing the audience at the Goshen Economic Development Annual Meeting

Torrington, WY — Goshen Economic Development (GED) recently celebrated community award winners during its annual meeting, recognizing citizens who demonstrate excellence and community leadership in volunteerism, entrepreneurship, work ethic and business. Winners were announced during the meeting held November 17, 2022, at 21st & Main.

Special Community Recognition: Recipients of this award include Goshen County Library in acknowledging their 100th Anniversary and J&B Liquor for the 100th Anniversary of their Tom & Jerry Batter.

Photo includes: Goshen County Commissioner Justin Burkart accepting the Community Leader Award from GED Board President Scott Prusia

Community Leader Award: This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies community leadership through business and community service. Goshen County Commissioner Justin Burkart is this year’s Community Leader recipient.

Big Land, Devoted Pioneers – Ag Business of the Year Award: As the number one Ag producing county in the state, this award is for the producers or the people assisting those dedicated to making a sustainable life in agriculture. 21st Century Equipment is this year’s Ag Business of the Year.

Big Land, Limitless Pioneering – Business of the Year Award: This award recognizes any business that has shown limitless growth and community support throughout the year. Bob’s Roofing received this prestigious award.

Big Land, Open Skies – Star Employee of the Year Award: This award recognizes an outstanding employee who is productive, exhibits commitment in carrying out job responsibilities, whose work reflects a frontier spirit and is ever growing. Kelly Greenwald with UW SAREC is this year’s Star Employee of the Year.

Big Land, Open Heart – Volunteer of the Year Award: This award recognizes those outstanding volunteers who are making a difference with their open heart, dedicated to Goshen County or has made a significant difference in our community. Michael Schuler with the Torrington Volunteer Fire Department is this year’s Volunteer of the Year.

Big Land, Open Opportunity – Entrepreneur of the Year Award: This award recognizes those innovated and dedicated business entrepreneur(s) or product creator(s) that utilize the open opportunity of Goshen County. Dr. Korinne John of Steamboat Chiropractic received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Special Recognition Awards:  These awards recognized individuals significant in the planning and executing of the Summer Concert Series, an event that promoted community and economic vitality. Recipients of this award are Chief Matt Johnson and the Torrington Police Department; Ed Hawley and the Torrington Streets Department; Dana Youtz and the Torrington Electric Department; Mark Weis, Torrington Project Manager and volunteers Troy Ayres and Todd Werner.

Photo includes: Torrington Mayor Randy Adams accepting the Firsts of Economic Development Award from GED Board President Scott Prusia

Friends of Economic Development: This award went to individuals who are leaders in the community in support of economic development in Goshen County and statewide. Mayor Randy Adams and Shelly Duncan received this special recognition.

Trenda Weisshaar, CPA presented the annual financials with a full explanation of the 2022 fiscal year financials. Scott Prusia gave his final remarks as President of the Board before passing the gavel to newly appointed President Jeff Jones. Jones will serve two years as President of the GED Board.