Photo: Brenly Shipp (left-right), Addison Scott, Natalie Speckner, Cooper Smith, Charlotte Speckner, Jersey Houk, Madison Gibson

Goshen County, WY – The Community Pride Foundation is pleased to announce its recent grant award to the Lingle-Fort Laramie Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). This grant will support the chapter’s travel expenses to the National FBLA Competition, fostering the development of leadership skills and business acumen among our youth.

Future Business Leaders of America is a non-profit youth organization that provides educational, leadership, and networking opportunities to all participants. This year was a rebuilding year for the Lingle-Fort Laramie FBLA chapter due to the loss of their previous advisor and the arrival of a new advisor. Despite these challenges, the chapter displayed true leadership by keeping their activities moving forward and supporting their new advisor.

Jersey Houk, a senior next year, stated, “I have been an FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) member for four years and this will be my third year attending the FBLA NLC (National Leadership Conference). Every year I have attended has allowed me to network with extremely inspiring and influential people. I have been able to foster my love for business and learn new ways to give back to my community. The workshops that the conference provides attendees are immersive and hands-on, making them extremely memorable. After attending for two years, I can account for the unique experience FBLA NLC provides each year. I am excited to attend again and for members going for the first time to have a life-changing experience.”

The FBLA chapter has a strong history of community service and leadership. This year, they engaged in various community service projects, including volunteering at a local animal shelter and reading to elementary students during Seuss Week. They also founded the YES (Youth Educating Seniors) program, a tech tutoring initiative held at senior centers across the county. This program has inspired 15 other service organizations across the country to start similar initiatives, highlighting the chapter’s far-reaching impact.

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