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Visionary Leadership and Innovative Safety: Celebrating Bill Law and Patrick Kelley at Go Goshen’s Community Breakfast

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Torrington - Go Goshen recently held its first Community Breakfast of the year to award the annual Neil Newman Horizon Award and to recognize a graduate of its incubator program. A presentation was also provided by Ashley Harpstreith, Executive Director of the Wyoming Taxpayers Association. The Neil Newman Horizon Award is bestowed upon community visionaries who see beyond the horizon. It is without a doubt this year’s recipient, Bill Law, exemplifies this award in every way. His dedication to serving Torrington, Goshen County and the State of Wyoming for the past 60 years is quite remarkable. Law began his [...]

Wyoming Taxpayers Association Presentation on 2024 Budget Session and Legislative Preview

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The Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) has been a cornerstone of the state's economic policy since 1937, advocating for tax policies that bolster a healthy economy. The WTA's membership, an eclectic mix from individuals to corporates, plays a pivotal role in shaping the tax dialogue. Their principle? Taxes should be justified, equitable, and transparent. As Wyoming approaches a budget session, the governor's budget recommendations set the stage, focusing on areas like property tax relief, mental health services, and economic development initiatives. These priorities reflect the broader ambitions of the state to innovate and adapt in a changing economic climate. Ashley [...]

Community Pride Foundation Awards Grant to Goshen County 4-H for Accessibility Enhancement Project

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Photo: Kraig Lashley (left-right) Benton Foos, Ava Jenkins, Daniel Bennett, Monte Duffy, Annabelle Duffy, Cayden Ryall, William Duffy, 4-H Council President Sheila Foos, David Bennett, Hope Bennett, Moriah Harkins [Goshen County, WY] – Kraig Lashley and Moriah Harkins of The Community Pride Foundation are pleased to announce the awarding of a grant to the Goshen County 4-H to fund the installation of ADA-accessible doors at their building located within the Goshen County Fairgrounds. This initiative aligns with the foundation's commitment to support youth activities within our local communities. The Goshen County 4-H plays a vital role in shaping the [...]

Go Goshen Backs the Goshen Solar Project

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GOSHEN COUNTY, WY -- Goshen County is set to witness the largest private capital investment to date, with construction of the Goshen Solar Project. This project, located in the southwestern region of Goshen County, brings an initial investment of $155 million. The project's construction phase is estimated to last 18-months and provide employment opportunities for: Approximately 250 temporary workers Approximately 31% of those positions being sourced locally (industry average). Go Goshen requests prioritization of hiring local contractors to contribute to the project. In addition to the temporary jobs generated during construction, the Goshen Solar Project will create 8-10 permanent [...]


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Torrington, WY - In a touching tribute to the true champions of Cottonwood Golf Course, we're excited to announce the creation of a special Memorial Fence. This fence stands not just as a barrier but a heartfelt extension of gratitude to all of whom have poured their passion, time and love into Torrington’s beloved golf course. Cottonwood Golf Course thrives because of the dedication of supporters, donors, and countless volunteers who have pitched in with their time and resources. It is with this unique fence that Cottonwood will honor these golfing legends by adding their names to the arcs [...]


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Photo: Go Goshen presents the Progress Program grant awards check to Torrington Main Street Market. Pictured: (left) Tammy Derr, Jeff Jones, Kim Pittman, Brayden Connour (back), Tom Kelly (front), Charlie Wright, and Moriah Harkins Torrington – Torrington Main Street Market/Panhandle Coop was awarded a Progress Program grant to aid in the replacement of weathered signage. The grant funding was utilized in the design and installation of the signs located on Highway 85 and above the main entrance, boosting the vitality of the market that plays a role as a community hub. The Progress Program grant, provided by Go [...]


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