GOSHEN COUNTY, WY — Goshen County is set to witness the largest private capital investment to date, with construction of the Goshen Solar Project. This project, located in the southwestern region of Goshen County, brings an initial investment of $155 million.

The project’s construction phase is estimated to last 18-months and provide employment opportunities for:

  • Approximately 250 temporary workers
  • Approximately 31% of those positions being sourced locally (industry average).
  • Go Goshen requests prioritization of hiring local contractors to contribute to the project.

In addition to the temporary jobs generated during construction, the Goshen Solar Project will create 8-10 permanent full-time positions.

The economic benefits of the Goshen Solar Farm Project extend beyond job creation. Preliminary estimates indicate that the project is expected to infuse:

  • Approximately $8 million in sales and use tax revenue.
  • Approximately $35 million in total property tax receipts.
  • Approximately $6 million to Goshen County government.
  • Approximately $26 million to education at Goshen County School District #1 and Eastern Wyoming College.
  • Approximately $3 million to the local special districts.

This project provides a substantial boost to the county’s financial resources for essential services and infrastructure development (i.e. roads and bridges).

This project will help fulfill the renewal energy requirements of our power suppliers.  By supporting this renewable energy project, Go Goshen believes this investment in Goshen County will create opportunities and provide an infusion of capital to our local governments. This project exemplifies Go Goshen’s commitment to innovation, economic prosperity, and the well-being of our local community.

Go Goshen – which includes Economic Development, the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, and Tourism – is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the retention and expansion of local businesses. Since 1987, the organization has encouraged business growth, created jobs, and built on local community assets in five Wyoming municipalities: Fort Laramie, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, and Yoder.

Contact: Brayden Connour, CEO

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Brayden Connour

Chief Executive Officer