Photo: Kraig Lashley (left-right) Benton Foos, Ava Jenkins, Daniel Bennett, Monte Duffy, Annabelle Duffy, Cayden Ryall, William Duffy, 4-H Council President Sheila Foos, David Bennett, Hope Bennett, Moriah Harkins

[Goshen County, WY] – Kraig Lashley and Moriah Harkins of The Community Pride Foundation are pleased to announce the awarding of a grant to the Goshen County 4-H to fund the installation of ADA-accessible doors at their building located within the Goshen County Fairgrounds. This initiative aligns with the foundation’s commitment to support youth activities within our local communities.

The Goshen County 4-H plays a vital role in shaping the lives of youth through hands-on learning experiences and skill development. The awarded grant will support the installation of ADA-accessible doors, ensuring that the 4-H building at the Goshen County Fairgrounds is welcoming to all community members.

About The Community Pride Foundation

The Community Pride Foundation was established in 1996 to create a permanent tax-exempt entity to receive and distribute funds for the benefit of the Goshen County Community. The Foundation receives, invests, and disburses funds for any charitable purpose that proves beneficial to the citizens of Goshen County. Volunteers serve on the Board of Directors from all county areas administer the Foundation. Individuals, families, businesses, community organizations, and others may contribute to the Foundation. Community Pride Foundation also stewards the funds the Mary Lou Atkins Charitable Trust donated for projects for education, leadership, literature, the arts, sciences heritage, recreation, community beautification, and youth activities.

Contact: Moriah Harkins, Chamber Director & The Community Pride Foundation Secretary

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