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How Goshen Solar Project Could Spark a Bright Economic Future

By |April 25, 2024|Categories: News, Press Release, Why It Matters|

Until recently, renewable energy in Wyoming has been predominately wind turbines. With ample open space and a Tri-State transmission line running through Goshen County, it was only a matter of time before this area was seen as a potential location for a commercial/industrial sized solar farm. For example, Goshen Solar, LLC worked through the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council process to construct an approximately 1,200 acre industrial solar farm in the southwest portion of Goshen County. The estimated tax revenues are listed below: Approximately $8 million in sales and use tax revenue (one-time) Approximately $35 million in total property tax receipts (30-year project [...]

Wyoming Taxpayers Association Presentation on 2024 Budget Session and Legislative Preview

By |January 31, 2024|Categories: News, Press Release, Why It Matters|

The Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) has been a cornerstone of the state's economic policy since 1937, advocating for tax policies that bolster a healthy economy. The WTA's membership, an eclectic mix from individuals to corporates, plays a pivotal role in shaping the tax dialogue. Their principle? Taxes should be justified, equitable, and transparent. As Wyoming approaches a budget session, the governor's budget recommendations set the stage, focusing on areas like property tax relief, mental health services, and economic development initiatives. These priorities reflect the broader ambitions of the state to innovate and adapt in a changing economic climate. Ashley [...]

“Why It Matters” Show Notes: Episodes 1-4

By |September 26, 2023|Categories: Why It Matters|

Whether you’re a Goshen County business owner, proud Goshen County local, or curious about what Go Goshen does to help our community grow and thrive—the topics on ”Why It Matters” will matter to you.  Each episode of the “Why It Matters” podcast is packed with interesting insights and useful resources related to economic development—and we’ve collected them here for you! Here’s what you might’ve missed from our earlier episodes.  (Want to share the mic with Brayden on a topic related to economic development? Click here to get in touch about being a guest on “Why It Matters!”) Episode 1: [...]


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