February 23, 2022

Torrington, WY — Goshen Economic Development utilizing ¼ cent sales tax for economic development funds to help the Town of Lingle purchase a new Stryker stretcher for the Lingle Volunteer Fire Department and EMS. A new stretcher was needed as the old stretcher was 21 years old, worn, and uncomfortable for patients. The new stretcher has numerous features like hydraulic ran rise and drop, compatible with a 36” deck height vehicle, an oxygen bottle holder, steering lock and will make it easier to load and unload patients. This project not only benefits Lingle, but other Goshen County communities as Lingle provides ambulance services for Lingle and Fort Laramie. Goshen Economic Development is excited that this project will help better the Lingle EMS but is also making an emergency ride in the ambulance safer and more comfortable.

Goshen Economic Development – which includes Economic Development, the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street – is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the retention and expansion of local businesses. Since 1987, the organization has encouraged business growth, created jobs, and built on local community assets in five Wyoming municipalities: Fort Laramie, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, and Yoder.

Photo includes: Brayden Connour, CEO – Goshen Economic Dev.; Brandie Cook, Lingle Town Councilmember & Goshen Economic Development Board Member; members of the Lingle Volunteer Fire Department