Aug 2, 2022

ELK Eco Cycle Recycling Facility

Torrington, WY — Goshen Economic Development welcomes a new non-profit to Torrington. ELK Eco Cycle is a recycling company located in the old City of Torrington recycling facility. A partnership between ELK, City of Torrington, and Goshen Economic Development, the venture offers self-serve depositories for pre-sorted aluminum cans, clean steel cans, and cardboard. Loose paper products must be delivered during business hours, usually 8-10AM M-F. Blue dumpsters for cardboard are located at select businesses throughout Torrington. ELK is locally owned and operated by Kurt L. Evezich.

ELK Eco Cycle is located at 310 Curtis Avenue, Torrington, WY (just west of Deacons Restaurant) and they can be reached at (307)532-1026. Please leave a message.

Goshen Economic Development – which includes Economic Development, the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street – is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the retention and expansion of local businesses. Since 1987, the organization has encouraged business growth, created jobs, and built on local community assets in five Wyoming municipalities: Fort Laramie, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, and Yoder.

Brayden Connour, Chief Executive Officer

Phone 307-532-5162