We’ve been having a great time talking with you about Goshen Economic Development’s three main goals.

So far, we’ve covered encouraging business growth and creating jobs; today, we’re wrapping it up with how we build on local community assets, and what that means for you!

How Goshen Economic Development builds on local community assets

Through this program, we’re able to reinvest ¼ penny sales tax funds back into Goshen County businesses and municipalities. (You can see our list of “Greatest Hits” projects here.)

In addition to the Progress Program, we offer grant funding for a wide variety of eligible projects.

The two primary grants we use to do this are:

  • The Community Pride Foundation, which can sponsor projects that don’t have tax-exempt status or the resources to handle charitable contributions
  • The Tourism Sponsorship Program, which provides grants to event organizers offering local, regional, and national public relations funding for events that in turn attract visitors and residents here to Goshen County

Curious how Goshen Economic Development is helping our community?

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