October 12, 2022

Valley Christian Students, Staff, and Goshen Economic Development stand in front of the new middle school building as Valley Christian School accepts the Progress Program Check for the second parking lot.

Torrington, WY — Goshen Economic Development (GED) presented Valley Christian School (VCS) with a check in the amount of $5,000 during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of their new parking lot and middle school building. GED, utilizing ¼ cent sales tax for economic development, helped fund the construction of the parking lot. To accommodate a growing student population, VCS added a second building which required a second parking lot. VCS has been a staple in Torrington for years as a privately funded school offering educational services to Pre-K through eighth grade. We thank VCS for undergoing the application process for progress program funds and hope to continue our partnership on projects for the betterment of their school and Goshen County moving forward.